Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tutorial: Crochet Cupcake

This photo tutorial is for a cupcake with a cherry on top. If anything is unclear, email me at or leave a comment and I'll do my best to help you! I hope you enjoy the tutorial and your finished cupcake. Feel free to sell any cupcakes you make, but please do not sell the pattern itself or claim it as your own. Thanks.

  • three colors of yarn: one for the cherry, one for your frosting, and one for your cake
  • a crochet hook appropriate for the weight of yarn you're using (I'm using a size G hook and worsted weight yarn)
  • a darning needle for weaving in the ends and sewing the cherry onto the frosting
  • scissors

Stitches/ Abbreviations Used (American terms): 
  • ch - chain
  • sc - single crochet
  • hdc - half double crochet
  • hdc2tog - half double crochet two together
  • dc - double crochet
  • sk - skip
  • st/ sts - stitch/ stitches
  • slst - slip stitch
  • BLO - back loop only
  • FL(s) - front loop(s)
  • FO - finish off

  • When you make the frosting, you're going to make a half circle. At the end of each row (or half round I guess) make sure your half circle looks like a half circle and is even at the flat edge
  • I normally don't add a stitch count to my patterns, but the confusing parts like the frosting have one

To make the cherry:

Make a magic ring and sc 6 in the ring, join with a slst to the first sc and pull tail to close the ring. Cut your yarn and weave in your first tail. Set cherry aside.

To make the frosting:

make a slst and ch 3, join with a slst to first ch

row 1: ch 2 and dc 5 in the ch 3 ring, turn

row 2: ch 2, dc in same, 2dc in each, dc in first ch of ch 2 from row 1 to make it flat across the bottom, turn (10)

row 3: ch 2, dc in same, *dc in next, 2dc in next* dc in last and again in first ch of ch 2 from row 2 to make it flat across the bottom, turn (15)

sc 10 across the bottom flat part of your frosting, there's no particular placement, just make sure it's as even as possible, slst in the stitch before the first available dc from the previous row (10)

 for the scallops, you're going to...
in BLO, sk slst, (hdc, 2dc, hdc) in next, sk 1, slst in next, *sk 1, (hdc, 2dc, hdc) in next, sk  1* repeat once more, after you make your last scallop, slst in first available st, FO and weave in ends

this is what your frosting will look like when you're finished

this is a view of the FL sts you skipped when you made the scallops

FO and weave in frosting ends

To make the cake:

with your cake color and the back of your frosting facing you, pull up a loop in your first FL

 yarn over and pull through the loop
row 1: sc in next FL and next 8 (whoops, I missed one so the pictures will show different than what this says for the next few rows), turn (9)
row 2: ch 1, hdc in each across, turn (9)
row 3: ch 1, hdc2tog, hdc in next 4, hdc2tog, turn (7)
row 4: ch 1, hdc in each across, turn (7)
row 5: ch 1, sc in each until last, slst in last (6 sc and 1 slst)

FO and weave in ends, attach cherry and enjoy your cute little cupcake!

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