Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tutorial: Sculpey Button Mold

This tutorial will show you how to make molds out of Sculpey. I'm using buttons for my molds because I am constantly running out of my favorite buttons but you can use just about anything with texture (plants, doll faces, buttons, fabric, stamps, etc.)

  • textured buttons 
  • Sculpey
  • clay gloss/ clear nail polish
  • oven
  • try to avoid buttons with holes that your clay can get stuck in. You don't want to ruin your buttons! 
  • you can use corn starch to lightly dust your buttons before pressing them into the clay
  • DO NOT BAKE YOUR BUTTONS! Remove them from the clay before baking
  • don't forget to poke holes in your buttons for threading!
Condition a small bit of clay and flatten it out to be slightly bigger than your button of choice.

 Take your button and press it firmly into your clay. You may not want to use really flat or thin buttons for this as they may break or get stuck in your clay.

Carefully remove your button from the clay. After you've made all of your button molds, bake them according to the Sculpey package.

 When your buttons are finished baking, let them cool completely. After cooling, cover them with a thin coat of gloss and allow to dry. Now you have molds for your own buttons!

Below are some baked molds and buttons I made using the molds.

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